7. Child Organizations, Subsidiaries

What to look for: Does the organization have notable subsidiaries?

Where to find it: Croctail, The SEC’s EDGAR database.

Croctail is a search engine that helps you search subsidiaries of public and private companies.

Public companies have to provide a list of their subsidiaries in the 10-k they file with the SEC. To find it, search for the term “subsidiaries” in the 10-K.

Power Research in Action

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, hedge funds and private equity firms began buying up single-family houses and apartment buildings more than ever before, becoming massive corporate landlords in the process. Tenant justice organizations turned their attention to these massive landlords, highlighting how their billionaire CEOs are creating the affordable housing crisis and calling on them to end tenant abuses and stop blocking real solutions that ensure people have safe, affordable housing. This organizing involves tracing the networks of corporate real estate ownership, including identifying which massive Wall Street firms own and invest in smaller real estate companies.